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Most SoCs (System on a Chip) work around a GitHub or GitLab organisation. The table below shows a list of links to these communities for each SoC.

SoC CommunityPage
Allwinner A64
Amlogic S905X/W/Z
Broadcom BCM21664
Broadcom BCM23550
Freescale i.MX6 SLL
Freescale i.MX6 SoloLite
Intel Bay Trail
Marvell PXA1908
MediaTek MT6582
MediaTek MT6589
MediaTek MT6735
MediaTek MT8183
Nvidia Tegra 2
Nvidia Tegra 3
Nvidia Tegra 4
Qualcomm APQ8064
Qualcomm MSM8212
Qualcomm MSM8226
Qualcomm MSM8909
Qualcomm MSM8916
Qualcomm MSM8939
Qualcomm MSM8953
Qualcomm MSM8960
Qualcomm MSM8974
Qualcomm MSM8976
Qualcomm MSM8996
Qualcomm MSM8998
Qualcomm SDM630
Qualcomm SDM636
Qualcomm SDM660
Qualcomm SDM845
Qualcomm SM6350
Qualcomm SM7125
Qualcomm SM8150
Qualcomm SM8250
Qualcomm SM8350
Qualcomm SM8450
Rockchip RK3399
Samsung Exynos 3250
Samsung Exynos 4210
Samsung Exynos 4412
Samsung Exynos 5250
Samsung Exynos 5420
Samsung Exynos 5422
Samsung Exynos 5433
Samsung Exynos 8895
ST-Ericsson NovaThor U8500
Texas Instruments OMAP3xx
Texas Instruments OMAP44xx