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📱 This user's main device is a Google Pixel 4a (google-sunfish).
This user has ported postmarketOS to 2 devices.
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Owns devices

Device Notes
Alcatel OneTouch Pixi 4 (5) 5010D (alcatel-5010d) cracked screen, bootloader unlocked
Amazon Fire-Phone (amazon-kodiak) running CM11
Amazon Fire TV Stick Basic Edition (amazon-tank) unlocked
Archos 5 Internet Tablet (archos-g7a) very good condition, 32gb
ASUS MeMO Pad 7 (ME173X) (asus-me173x) cracked screen
BLU Win HD LTE (blu-ql850) bootloops
CAT Sound Tablet PC-4 (catsound-em618) works
Creative ZiiO 7 (creative-ziio7) very good condition
Denver TAQ-10162 (denver-taq10162) Generic rockchip tablet
DongshanPi NeZha STU (dongshanpi-nezhastu) porting target, with 256MB nand
Elephone A4 (elephone-a4) running Lineage 17 GSI
Google Pixel 4a (google-sunfish) Daily driver, on stock Android 13
Huawei Ascend G330 (huawei-u8825) Bootloader unlocked
Huawei Ideos S7 (huawei-qsd8k s7) 2x, no battery
Huawei Mediapad 10 Link+ (huawei-s10-231u) semi-bricked
Huawei P8 Lite (huawei-alice) cracked screen, bootloader unlocked with PotatoNV
KeiYuen JH-607V-V24 (keiyuen-jh607vv24) Generic unbranded armv5 tablet
Motorola FlipOut (motorola-ruth) 2x
Motorola PRO Plus (motorola-elway) works
Nintendo 3DS (nintendo-ctr) Original 3DS with custom firmware
Nintendo Switch (nintendo-nx) Patched model
Onda V701s (onda-v701s) dead LCD
Raspberry Pi 4 (raspberry-pi4) 2GB Model, running Alpine Linux
Ronzi A3 (ronzi-lynx) Old froyo mips MID
Samsung Galaxy 3 (samsung-apollo) white, good condition, running android 4.1 rom
Samsung Galaxy A3 2015 (samsung-a3) works
Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 (samsung-a5xelte) works
Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 (samsung-a5y17lte) very good condition, running Lineage 20
Samsung Galaxy Ace (samsung-s5830) 1x white, 5x black brand new condition
Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 (samsung-codina) works
Samsung Galaxy Ace i (samsung-s5830i) brand new GT-S5839i
Samsung Galaxy Alpha (samsung-sltexx) Very good condition, running LineageOS 14
Samsung Galaxy Core LTE (samsung-afyonlte) volume buttons fell out...
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (samsung-fortuna) SM-G530FZ, works
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) (samsung-jxelte) very bad condition, broken microUSB connector
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (samsung-p4note) Running LineageOS, daily driver streaming tablet
Samsung Galaxy Pocket (samsung-s5300) works
Samsung Galaxy S4 (samsung-jflte) 2x black, one has a cracked screen
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini LTE (samsung-serranolte) I have several of these
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Value Edition (samsung-serranove) White GT-i9195I, works, good condition
Samsung Galaxy S5 (samsung-klte) 1x white, 1x black
Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus (samsung-kccat6) dead oled
Samsung Galaxy SIII mini Value Edition (samsung-i8200) I have several of these
Samsung Galaxy SII (samsung-i9100) Good condition, running Android 13
Samsung Galaxy Star (samsung-mint) works
Samsung Galaxy S (samsung-i9000) dead oled
Samsung Galaxy S III (samsung-m0) 2x black, 2x blue
Samsung Galaxy S III mini (samsung-golden) I have several of these
Samsung Galaxy S II (samsung-i9100g) Good condition, running Android 6
Samsung Galaxy S Plus (samsung-ariesve) 2x in good condition, running Slim7
Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 4.2 (samsung-hugo) works
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 (samsung-degaswifi) SM-T230; dead LCD, home button and battery; only spare parts
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 LTE (samsung-degaslte) works
Samsung Galaxy W (samsung-i8150) running Lineage 14.1
Samsung Galaxy Xcover (samsung-s5690) works
Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 (samsung-skomer) Works
Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 (samsung-xcover3lte) Very good condition
Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 (samsung-xcover4lte) Very good condition
Samsung Galaxy Young NFC (samsung-royssnfc) Running crDroid Android 4.4 rom
Samsung Galaxy Y (samsung-totoro) 2x, running CM9 rom
Samsung Jét (samsung-s8000) Finally got one with working microSD slot, running JetDroid/CM9
Samsung Star (samsung-gt-s5230) 1x black with water damage, 1x white, 1x LaFleur red
Samsung Wave 2 (samsung-s8530) running android 6, with battery now
Sony Ericsson Xperia mini (semc-smultron) Good condition, works
Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro (semc-iyokan) Good condition, works
Sony Xperia E Dual (sony-nanhu) Dead battery and touchscreen
Sony Xperia Z (sony-yuga) works
Tolino Shine 2HD (tolino-shine2hd) 4A2 revision with Broadcom WiFi, running pmOS
Trekstor Surftab Wintron 7.0 (surftab-wintron7.0) Running Void Linux

Other interesting devices

  • Dell Inspiron 7306 (Intel i7-1165G7, main laptop, running Fedora)
  • Main PC (AMD FX-8320E, AMD Radeon RX580 8GB, 8GB DDR3, Fedora Linux)
  • Server (repurposed HP t530 thin client, AMD GX-215JJ, 16GB DDR4, Fedora Linux)
  • Jay-Tech Jaybook 9901 (VIA WM8505 7" notebook, running an old version of debian on mainline linux)
  • Sharp Zaurus SL-5500G (Intel SA1100 armv4 CPU, running the stock Linux rom)
  • Apple TV 2nd Gen (jailbroken)
  • TomTom Go (running OpenTom)
  • 2x Huawei E5573 mobile LTE routers (these might be interesting to hack since they run a weird Android-based OS)
  • 3x Nintendo Wii
  • Various routers running OpenWrt
  • Various repurposed thin clients running different Linux distros
  • Various old laptops